Concept Art

Health Pad and "Flag" Pickup Concepts

These pads are where health pickups spawn and where players can stand to receive passively recharged health points. Probably will go with version 1.2

The central pump will slowly give defending player's resources in the form of energy. This sheet is an attempt at narrowing down what that will look like. In practice these function as flags in a normal CTF mode but appearing up to 10 at a time, so visually they need to be restrained. Currently leaning towards 1.3, 3.3, 8.2, 8.3

Default SMG Concept

A big goal of ours for these weapons was to create something that was 80% plausible and 20% pure fantasy. In this way, all the weapons have proper alignments in regards to ammo feeding and ejecting however the reciprocating actions on top and moving magazines and magazine wells are purely there as juice for animation.

The SMG's secondary is a fairly slow moving missile that can help the player zone enemies at medium range or to blast down a few walls when need be.

Accelerating the Art pipeline

It has been awhile, but over the past few months, we have been hard at work refactoring our game from a very very rough prototype to a very rough MVP. 

Part of that shift took some focus off of the art pipeline as we worked on dev with placeholders. But now, after a long hiatus we have wrapped up work on our default weapons - starting with the rifle!

Next up, modeling, animation, texturing and integration into Unreal!