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Bring Your Own Base (BYOB): Press Kit

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Fact Sheet 

Developer: Anvilhead Studios, Inc. 


Location: Omaha, Nebraska

Release Date: TBD (Currently in an Exclusive Private Beta)

Platforms: PC (Working on Mobile Companion App)

Price: $15 w/Premium Cosmetics

Availability: Digital Download

Languages: English (Planned: French, Italian, German, Spanish, Portuguese-Brazil, Russian, Korean, S.Chinese, Japanese.)

File Size: ~500MB (Subject to Change)

Press Contact:

Social: Twitch, Discord, Patreon, Facebook


Bring Your Own Base (BYOB) combines the action of a First Person Shooter and the creativity of a World Builder. Players are given the freedom to build any base imaginable, with a cosmetic(s) driven in-game economy players are free to express their character, weapons, base, and much more.

Build, Bring, & Battle: Our first game mode, a novel approach to (CTF)capture the flag, players are placed in an arena with three other players and their bases taking turns attacking and defending, trying to steal each other's resources, and returning back to their base spawn point to score.

Planned Additions: 

  • Co-op
  • Time Based: Build & Battle
  • Class System
  • Horde Mode
  • eTournaments


Build, Bring, & Battle! Bring Your Own Base combines the creativity of User World Building & First Person Shooters in a wonderfully chaotic and action packed arena. 

Current Features:

  • Capture the Flag
  • Base Building & Revising
  • Steam Integration
  • Cloud Saving
  • Achievement Support

Coming Soon

People that support us through game purchases, patreon support, or otherwise will get early access to our future features which include:


  • New Themed; Charaters, Base Materials, & Weapons


  • Battle Arenas
  • Game Modes

Anvilhead Studios, Inc.

Anvilhead Studios, Inc.

We started Anvilhead Studios in early 2015 with the goal to create games that could give us and our players years of excitement, fun, and challenges. Our mission is to make titles that create everlasting memories, we want our community to love every aspect of our development process. We want our titles to challenge the most seasoned gamer but also offer a place where parents can co-play with their children. Our current roadmap of titles range from fun & folly to heart pounding & soul crushing with a myriad of emotions in-between.

Our vision for Anvilhead Studios and every title we create is for a player to have an uninterrupted experience and constant accessibility to our games. (<-- We're working on some secret technology to make that happen, but mum's the word for now.) 

Anvilhead Studios is located in Omaha, Nebraska has the pleasure to work with some of the most passionate, dedicated, and visionary game makers in the midwest. The majority of our team has the notoriety of developing games that have seen 30+ million downloads. The goal of Anvilhead Studios is to create a studio and environment where developers, coders, designers, artists, musicians are allowed to freely express their talents and push the boundaries of how gaming should make a person think, feel, & play. We can't wait to play with you! 


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