Continuity Gaming

Continuity Gaming is about connecting developers together via a networked economy allowing for players to earn and spend points across infinite games and multiple platforms. When developers join our program they will see higher engagement rates, longer play times, and increased spending within their apps. Let us show you how it works.


Always Earning

As a developer your job is to create a game that will excite, engage, and enrich your players world, but you will not entice all players to join your experience, this is where with Continuity Gaming you can increase revenue by giving players the opportunity to be apart of a community of family, friends, and fellow gamers. You set a market rate of value for your game and we do the rest. Your games points will enter an exchange market and be automatically adjusted to a standardized market value. 1000 points in Candy Crush = 15 minutes in Clash of Clans.

Setting the Standard

Developers will be empowered by using our gold standard of value and adjusting their games points structure around that value. 15 minutes of waiting in one game may translate to 10,000 points earned in another. Our standard will normalize those allowing for parity and free trade. 

Increased Engagement

The more a player plays, the more a player pays. Time played sees a logarithmic gain in players spending potential. If a player can connect with your game and see real world benefits to their playtime they will endeavor to play more. 

Monetized Differently

Continuity Gaming only earns money when you do. We want to be in the background, unknown and out of the way. We want to reduce pain points but increase player pleasure and ease. Continuity Gaming doesn't want to take another piece of your pie, we want to increase it with player choice and opportunity.